Devotions – 2015.09.14

Devotions – 2015.09.14

Forget the former things;
do you not perceive it?

​Now it springs up;
do not dwell on the past.​

See, I am doing a new thing!

Isaiah 43: 18f
God wants create new things! – how great!! Because the old is really old, fragile, actually bad and broken. He wants to make me new, He wants to make the church of Jesus new, he wants to make our people new and also make the whole earth new. Because He knows: the sin has taken hold of and destroyed everything.
We should not hold on to the old things. Many think forever about their previous sins and about where they have been wronged. God wants to make all things new and to steer our outlook to the future. He has already long forgiven and forgotten the sin and wants to heal our hearts from all hurt. Everything that has aggrieved us we can confidently lay in His strong hands and then again go on further. Let us not sit in the misery but hope in him that he will make all things new.
He lays thoughts and plans in our hearts. Like seeds they need their own time to germinate and then break through the earth, first delicate and fragile, but always becoming stronger. So should be the works of His people. He lays the desires, thoughts and plans for that in our hearts. Be brave if you have such a dream from Jesus and go forwards. Because He wants to make all things new.
He wants to make the old, boring church fellowship new. He wants His living spirit to inspire, that once again life will develop. Or the spirit looks for a new direction and channel, where the flock can find the pasture. The old is gone, the new comes in sight. It is like in spring; when I go out at night and everything is quiet, I can hear creaking and clicking, the spring is coming. Very very quietly it creeps in. I can already smell and hear it, even though there is nothing to see. Yes, the Lord will come and make all things new. He will not make renovations or repairs to the old but something totally new will come. The foretaste we can enjoy already.
Also our people will be made new! They are still held back, but I notice the spring, the awakening in the land. It will be wonderful, when the Lord reigns our people. Oh Jesus, come soon. Make all things new. We are waiting for you.
Thank you Jesus, that you give everyone a new chance. Every morning you wait again for me, equip me and direct my sights to the future and to God. What yesterday was is gone. You mercy is new again. Thank you that you think such great things about me and my people. You are the lord, who makes his word come to pass.

Todays Bible verse;
​Psalm 125, 1 – 5​

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