Battle of the Dark – 2020.01.25

Battle of the Dark – 2020.01.25

„You will not fear the terror of the night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.”
Psalm 91, 5f

And why do we not need to fear these dark forces? Because Jesus is the winner, and these forces will give way in the name of Jesus Christ. He bought us on the cross so we could be free and redeemed. Hallelujah!
But is our fight over? No. There are theories that Satan can’t do anything against us, but I experience it differently. He has rights that must be broken. Curses can strike us or our things, animals or even children. It’s just that it’s fighting, and sometimes we get wounded in the fight. But no one, not even the devil himself, can snatch us from Jesus’ hand. Then Jesus gave His word, and He keeps it! – That is why we are safe.
According to theory, as soon as someone becomes a Christian, all rights of the enemy are over. Theory says we’re no longer cursed. Theory says Jesus destroys all enemy crafty attacks.
According to practice, even Christians must be set free from concrete sins of their ancestors in order to live in freedom. Just again I thought of a leader who was suddenly tormented by very strong erotic thoughts and dreams that would not let him sleep. He was completely exhausted. Then we could pray together, ask for forgiveness, because the ancestors did not live sexually clean and there was pornography in the ancestral life itself. Immediately the thoughts were gone and the man was normal again.
How often have we Christians had to rid ourselves of curses by asking for forgiveness for these bad words. And the situations suddenly changed for the better.
So often the enemy causes diseases up to cancer. If we pray offensively against the enemy and ask for forgiveness of all sins shown by the Holy Spirit, healing often happens.
There is a big difference between Christian theory and the practice of pastoral care.
But one thing is for sure: Jesus wants to show where the difference lies. HE wants to liberate and heal. In Him we are safe and secure, even when everything around us is in ruins. Praise the LORD!!!
(Please read the whole psalm. He is a great help when we are in battle with dark forces.)

Thank ​Y​ou, Jesus! You are victorious!! Halleluja!!!

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