Battle of Thoughts – 2016.06.07

Battle of Thoughts – 2016.06.07

But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.
Genesis 19, 26

God has just done great things in Lot’s life, saving him and his family from Sodom and Gomorrah. The cities were to be destroyed because of their wickedness, but Lot and his wife were saved by the Lord. But instead of looking forward, or unto the Lord, the wife looked back; – and turned into a pillar of salt.
Many people think they are unable to control their minds and thoughts. They surrender to their thoughts. Researchers have found that almost all thoughts are somehow bad and negative. Those who have only forty percent positive thoughts are already noticeable optimists. The Bible states clearly that we should focus and steer our eyes and thoughts. The Bible reminds us again and again to decide between keeping our eyes on Him, or on misery.
The person who surrenders to his thoughts often gets sucked into negativity. Nothing good exists any more, all that remains are complaints. Life becomes hopeless, there is nothing nice about it anymore. It is easy to become depressed with one’s own negative thoughts.
Many are stuck in the past, like Lot’s wife. In the past everything was alright. Now everything is bad. Or: how often have I been wronged in my life! – and it becomes impossible to escape from these bitter thoughts. The devil uses our own negative thoughts to draw us into darkness.
The way out is obvious: think positively! Look at the future, but with hope! Look at the beauty and be grateful for it! Look upon the Lord and remember all the great and wonderful things He has done in your life. He has saved you from six tribulations and He will do the same in the seventh.
If we look upon the Lord, He will notice it and will strengthen our hope and faith. He responds to our grateful prayers, to our faith in Him and He hears many a prayer. He gives salvation, also in dark, hopeless situations. He loves it when His children trust Him and turn to Him.
Keeping our eyes on the almighty Lord ensures gratitude, joy, hope and faith. That is how we will conquer darkness. In this way we will become an anchor of hope for many around us. Yes, joy and hope are contagious!
Do not stand still and be turned into a pillar of salt! Go to the light, to the Lord! He is the reason for hope and thanks.

Yes, Jesus, You have done so much for me! You have saved me from darkness and hopelessness again and again. You always give me hope, courage and joy. Yes, I want to keep my eyes on You, for You are my wonderful God, who performs great miracles!

Bible reading today: 2. Timothy 4, 1 – 22

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