Certainty  –  2020.01.10

Certainty  –  2020.01.10

The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.
Romans 8, 16

Here one of the deep mysteries of faith is described: The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, testifies to my spirit that I am a child of God. This is then called certainty of faith. There is then no doubt any more. And how many of our brothers and sisters live in doubt all the time. They doubt God’s goodness, forgiveness, their childhood in God.  Actually they doubt all the good that God promised in His Word! What a terrible life of faith!
The solution is here: The Spirit of God must do what we cannot do ourselves, and He will do it: certainty in faith.
This is why Paul says that we should chase after the Holy Spirit and work diligently for it, because He is the solution to many of our hardships!
Actually, God gave us the Holy Spirit when we made our decision for Jesus and took Him into our hearts. But He is not given total freedom to do what He wants! That’s why we have to chase Him eagerly! If we sit silently with our Bible and have the same thoughts for the hundredth time, then the “input” is simply missing.  We need something new, fresh water of life. As long as we keep thinking the same thoughts, nothing will ever change. Why don’t you take a risk and join a new group, like Christians at Work or the Christian Businessmen or the Marburg Circle or any other living church! They will not bite your head off. And don’t always listen to the old people who have been saying for generations: The spirit no longer works that way, that’s long since over. They can explain it so well that they believe it themselves. But others lead by example, showing us that things can be different. Go and seek Him until you have found Him! Search for Him in quiet dialogue, in other churches, in the Bible (read with new eyes), on the Internet, in books ……. Be prepared to take a chance on something new! Demand that the promises of the Bible finally apply fully and completely to you! That should really be our desire. We do not want to be satisfied with the lukewarm water of an almost dead doctrine. We want Him, we want the fullness, we want everything that is possible with God!

Thank You, Lord! You accept our sincere request. Hear our prayer and fill us with Your Spirit!

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