Contagious Joy – 2016.06.01

Contagious Joy – 2016.06.01

Thou shalt rejoice in thy feast … When your Lord, your God has blessed you in all, with your harvest, with your work, then be really joyful.
Deuteronomy 16, 13 – 15

Have you ever tried to rejoice alone, to dance and sing, and jump in joy? In community it is going better. We then really can rejoice, be happy together with others and God. That is joy and happiness without any end. In our verses there is a list of people who shall participate in the festival: You, your son, your daughter, your slave (collegue), levites (deacons and priests), and the foreigners (asylees, immigrant workers, foreigners), orphans and widows. When God blesses us richly, we should share and not keep it for ourselves as a hard earned property. It was the blessing of God and not my performance which let flourish that all. Therefore God wants us to share. Then the joy will be much greater.
An employer who has no heart for his employees and try to increase his income at their expense, should better become a Christian first. He is not acting like Jesus.
People who shut themselves against widows, orphans, and foreigners they have not the love of Jesus which does not flow in them and which they cannot pass on.
Today is the day of joy and happiness, for God has blessed us richly! We will share as God shows us. We will meet people in joy so that they will feel better afterwards. We want to bring them the joy of the Lord. We want to practice it today until it becomes our lifestyle: Be a joy for others. And God will have His joy in us!

Thank You, Jesus, You so richly bless me! I can rejoice, be happy about all which You give me in love. And I will pass on the gladness and all blessings to others with joy, for infinite supply is coming from You for me. Help me to make happy other people I will meet today.

Bible reading today – 1 Timothy 5:17 – 6:2

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