Corona  –  2020.03.31

Corona  –  2020.03.31

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name;
you are mine.
Isaiah 43, 1

We are seeing some terrible pictures at the moment. Anxious feelings arise: Am I safe? Is my family safe? Who will die, who will live?
All of a sudden we ask ourselves these basic questions again. What about death? Is Jesus my protection, so that I won’t get sick? What about my faith?
As I was pondering this, the LORD reminded me of the verse that is above my life: “Fear not.”
I know that Jesus has prevented many infections and diseases in me. But this will not prevent me from getting sick now. But I do know that it is He who decides and not this virus. HE is the LORD.
I might even die. But still I know: HE is the LORD, and the decision is His. I am completely in His hands. I will not die from the virus, but when He decides. And that’s always right.
I think of the ten plagues that hit Egypt. The first plagues struck Egypt and Israel alike. But soon God made a difference and the plagues no longer affected His people. How good, HE is still the LORD. HE determines what we can bear and when He makes a difference and spares His people.
Safe in Him; – so it should and must be. Anything else is not faith. So I am safe in Him, have peace in my heart and rejoice in Him.
But I also see the world around me. Everything is in panic, so many are dying. I feel God’s mercy on these people, even if they never wanted to know anything about Him in their lives. This is why prayer comes almost automatically for all those who are infected and perhaps already in hospital. Lord, have mercy.
And I pray for my country, my city, my village, for the government that needs more wisdom, for the doctors and nurses, and also for my brothers and sisters, that they may be protected ….. there is much to pray for.
The virus is pretty much the opposite of what God is, for example also because of the quarantine. We need fellowship and the virus prevents it – and that is why I bind the power of the enemy and proclaim the victory of Jesus. I ask forgiveness for the sins of my people. I pray that God will open the eyes of many for Jesus. HE is the savior, even in this epidemic. Trust Him.

Thank You Jesus, I am safe in You. Please help that many people may recognize You as Lord and Savior. Let signs and wonders happen. Forgive us, have mercy and help my people.

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