Curse and blessing – 2020.02.20

Curse and blessing – 2020.02.20

He loved the curse –
that’s coming over him;
he scorned the blessing –
stay away from him.
Psalm 109:17

God is very against swearing. He does not like these swear words at all!
A mother had a difficult pregnancy and often frivolously cursed her child who caused her so much trouble. The child was later very difficult and the curse words were fulfilled on him.
The devil does hear these words and takes them seriously. As a result he has rights to torture people. Only the LORD Jesus can break these curses and bring real freedom. HE has come to destroy the works of the devil.
One of my sons was always cursing. When something didn’t work out, he would start. When I was there, he didn’t curse, but if he thought I wasn’t hearing it, he’d start. One night we talked about it, and he said he didn’t really want to. When we prayed the good night prayer, I asked Jesus for forgiveness for the cursing and it occurred to me that it is because of the ancestors. And so I also asked for forgiveness for the sins of my ancestors: sorcery and Satanic cult,cursing, brutality and murder, persecution of the Jews, theft and all the rest. The next day he didn’t need to swear. It disappeared. Thanks, the Lord really liberates! We don’t have to live under the curse!
It’s our choice whether we have blessing or curse. Jesus paid the price for us on the cross, let’s accept it faithfully! Let us break the power of darkness over our lives in Jesus’ name! HE works wonders!

Thank You Jesus, You are victorious, You are strong, You want our salvation from all evil! Please reveal where hidden sin and guilt reigns in our lives so that we can become free of it. There is great power in Your name!

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