Devotion – 2014.09.25

When it was time to eat the Passover meal, Jesus and the apostles were at the table. Jesus said to them, “I’ve had a deep desire to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.
Luke 22, 14
Here we find the real reason why Jesus let himself crucify. He longs for the Community to the people! We ourselves know this longing for being together with the people we love particulary. And when one finally comes together, the joy is great! Thus, Jesus longs for us because He loves us beyond measure.
When I was in love, my dear girl friend didn’t had a single mistake. She was so beautiful and adorable! – Infatuation is blind to failure, and God’s love covers our guilt. If I have enemies I see their mistakes through a magnifying glass. – But God exactly sees our mistakes, failures and sins, He does not need to gloss over it and to apologize and does not need to represent them worse, as they already are. No, He is the righteous judge! And yet He loves us beyond measure! He wants a close and intimate fellowship with us, although we are quite great sinners and losers. Jesus is longing for us so much that He offers himself as a sacrifice for our sins. He takes every punishment when He hangs on the cross, looks at us and thinks: I ‘ve done this for you, because I love you! When the penalty is paid, we are free from our debts and we can come before God impartially and freely. He can be our Father who loves His children and to whom His children trust. Everything we can entrust Him in prayer, for He has done sooooo much so that we become His children; – How should He not give us anything else, but withhold it? The Father himself loves us, the Creator of the universe wants to have close contact with us! What a great, unconditional, selfless love!Thank you, Jesus, You have paved the way to the Father for me. You yourself are the sacrificial lamb who died for my sin. You’ve paid a high price so that my debt is paid off and I can purely stand in front of my Father. You love me and want to be with me! And I will seek Your nearness, love You and live with You!

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