Devotion – June, 10.

Devotion – June, 10.

Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, “It’s the Lord!”
John 21, 7

We often see, hear or feel nothing of Jesus’ presence. We only know He is there. But sometimes He meets us directly. We see Him in a dream, hear His voice or feel His presence very strongly. These are experiences that shape us.
After Jesus’ death His disciples went back to their homes in Galilee to the lake: for they were fishers. They needed time to process all the experiences with Jesus. And He wanted to help them drawing the right conclusions. He was waiting for them! He had made a small campfire and stood on the shore. Because the disciples had caught nothing, He told them where they should cast their net. Since they really caught so many fish that the net almost tore. John, the disciple who was very close to Jesus heart, recognized Him. He knew: This can be no other than his beloved Lord Jesus! Since all hurried to come to the shore, for they loved Jesus very much and longed for Him.
Sometimes Jesus wants to meet us so badly. He is waiting for us! He meets us in the morning, after getting up, and gives us courage for the day. He meets us in fellowship with our brothers and fills our hearts with His joy. He meets us outside in the nature and teaches us how big the Creator is. And sometimes He meets very simple, fills us with His presence and takes us in His arms. He is waiting for us; – We seek Him, we will keep our eyes open where He is, we expect an encounter with Jesus and get overwhelmed by His Person.
Sometimes He works and acts not as we suspected it. All of our familiar notions of God He throws overboard. So it’s good when a disciple who knows Jesus, can say: It is the Lord who acts there. Let it be, because He is kind to us. – It is good for us when our fixed traditions and ideas get broken, otherwise we freeze in legalism and rules. He is alive and where He acts, grows life and everything is in motion. Just as well that He is the Lord who has His hand about everything and always keeps the overview!

Jesus, You wait for me. Here I am, because I long for You. You are my Lord, who takes my heart in possession and fills it with Your good gifts. Yes, I would like to meet You, and be filled by Your presence! For You are the God who loves me!

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