Devotions – 2014.11.15

Devotions – 2014.11.15

Let us have confidence, then, and approach God’s throne, where there is grace. There we will receive mercy and find grace to help us just when we need it.
Hebrews 4, 16

Sometimes the confidence and trust in God and His promises is missing or we find it extremely difficult. Sometimes we do not know exactly how we should use God’s Word concretely and confidence is absent in this situation. I spoke with a woman whose daughter had anorexia. The mother blamed herself and looked for what they had done wrong. In this situation she could not be happy and free, of course, because she could not believe that her sins are forgiven. The trick of the enemy is that we deal too much with ourselves and don’t let forgiveness work in us. As long as we grapple with our real or supposed debt, this debt is effective. Let us have confidence and approach God’s throne, where there is grace, and ask for forgiveness, then we know we are forgiven! If dark feelings of guilt come again, we can rely on God’s Word which says: I have forgiven you! The thing is already done, for 2000 years now. When one is plagued by undetermined feelings of guilt, there is only one. One must cling to God’s word and repeat it until it is anchored in our thinking and feeling. Whenever the enemy wants to pull me, I hang on His word and say it in front of me: Through His blood I am cleaned, and by His wounds I am healed. And I decide to believe it. I will not allow this indefinite "Maybe…" "Yes, but … ". It only makes me doubt and takes my confidence in God.
It is very painful for Jesus if we do not believe Him. He has done so much for us! But we pretend that nothing has happened. He has accomplished the forgiveness! And we do not take it. He has reconciled us to God! And we still consider Him for a judge. He has made us to children of our Heavenly Father! And we still keep distance. He wants that We Trust Him! But we just leave room for doubt. Let’s grasp this boundless and unconditional forgiveness and let us say goodbye to our endless, tiring doubts! Let God be God and let us take it as it is! Then our heart will get rid of this burden and we become happy and free again.

Father, thank You that You have forgiven me. All my guilt is gone! But sometimes I can not believe it. Help me to recognize Your promise and to believe You! Make me a happy, free child of Go! Thanks, You are stronger as my doubts. You are my God who loves me!

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