Devotions – 2014.11.17

Devotions – 2014.11.17

He was a man who suffered a lot of pain and sickness.
Isaiah 53,3

A few days ago someone complained: “What did I do wrong, what have I done, that God punished me so hard?”. This was a very serious question, and the man was willing to reverse if he has sinned or has taken the wrong turn. He wanted to walk on God’s ways and couldn’t understand his pain at all. Sometimes sin is really the reason of our suffering. Who doesn’t listen to God and let off his terrible sin, can’t be protected from Him and he becomes a perfect target of the enemy. But often our suffering doesn’t have a particular reason. We suffer and get sick like other people, because we still live on earth and not in heaven. Certainly, God has prevented a lot of suffering, but not everything. Jesus himself knew sickness and pain – should we feel better than He does?
I experienced a few times that stiffened fingers got straight and moveable during a worship evening. Of course these people were very happy! The next day the fingers were stiff and immovable again. But that doesn’t matter to them. So clearly God has shown His love and power that they also could live with a stiff finger now. – They got an eye for the complete set and could see away from the „little something“ beyond the conventional and were amazed about the size and mercy of God.
I do not know any driver who does not have a single bump on his car after sixty years of driving. And I’m sure there is no human who is 60 or 80 years old and does not have any pain or illness. Please, if you have no great sin, look away from you and turn your eyes upon Jesus. Just as He, a man of sorrows, and familiar with grief, and yet full of peace, strength, serenity, joy, patience and faith in God, we also want to be!

Dear Father, sometimes it’s hard for me to accept illness, weakness and pain. Then I am whining and complaining. But you are patient with me and comfort me. You are with me in all the suffering. Despite all this I can trust you, because you always have the very last word!

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