Devotions – 2015.06.08

Devotions – 2015.06.08

Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning
Psalm 30;5
Often you situation is not especially heavenly. We struggle with our faith, with our quiet time, with praying and with reading the bible. We struggle with pride, lack of humility unforgiveness. Additionally, we are worry about our health issues, the broken car, the children….there is certainly a long list of things that make our life difficult. And yet it says in the bible: Our faith is victorious. But we don‘t always see it that way. Yes, we often cry in the evenings.
Jesus sees and knows all of that. Soon He will come. He will dry our tears and heal our heart and wrap us in his strong arms. He is already in heaven and waits for us longingly. Already there is a song; the wind is blowing it across hills and mountains. He is coming! Yes is coming soon. It will be a great celebration, when He comes to His beloved bride. The joy will overcome and all pain will cease.
At the moment we cannot see the glory of the bride. In the Near East the brides are veiled so that they cannot be recognized. But in the wedding night the veil is removed. The beauty of the bride of Jesus is the same. It is veiled. But when Jesus comes, the veil will be removed and the radiant beauty of the bride He has prepared will become visible.
Jesus’ human body was of ordinary looks and weak. His neighbours cold not believe He was to be the Messiah. He suffered hunger, heat and cold, He was totally human. But His father exalted him and gave him power and glory. He is seated on the throne.
Yes the will rejoicing, such rejoicing that every pain will cease and every desire fulfilled. Even if we are crying now, there will be great rejoicing in the morning. We are waiting patiently and hopeful for Him, our redeemer.

Thank you Jesus that you do not forget us! We live here in all frailty.. We want much, but don‘t do anything. We suffer under our weaknesses. But you want to come and give what y

​ ​
ou have prepared for us. Come soon my Lord.

Todays bible verse : ​Luke ​
6, 27 – 42

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