Even to your old age and grey hairs – 2015.07.11

Even to your old age and grey hairs – 2015.07.11

Listen to me, you descendants of Jacob, all the remnant of the people of Israel,​ ​
you whom I have upheld since your birth, and have carried since you were born. Even to your old age and grey hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you​.​

Isaiah 46: 3 ff.

This is certainly not a word for proud, independent people. God often sees differently to us. He has formed us in the womb, has raised us, sometimes endured us, repeatedly rescued and towed us. Sure, we have also done a lot. But who can create life? Who can create mind, will, emotions and energy? That cannot be done in any laboratory. We are a creation of God, something wonderful, precious, and unique. We are not "cloned" or assembled in a test tube or a product of coincidences.
God knew all the dangers of our life cycle, from conception to the grave. He take scare of many things in advance, to avoid sticky situations. He held in hard times His hand over us. He carried us everywhere. Sometimes we did not agree with His way with us and could not understand much. But he, who calls himself a father, knows all the reasons and sees the meaning and purpose in our lives. He is love and only if you know him closely, can man accept problems, difficulties, diseases and conditions. Then you know it comes from a loving hand, even if it’s hard.
I do not know how many times Jesus has prevented cancer in me, or a heart attack or a car accident, suicide or something else. I rant sometimes over little headaches, but do not see His wonderful hand that prevented the worst.
He has taken me under his wing since I was born, even since 9 months before that! And He knew me already since the beginning of days. All my days were already written in His Book, as Psalm 139 says. He has supported me, sometimes he had to drag me, because I was stubborn. His yes was an eternal Yes, he was always faithful, even though I was sometimes unfaithful. Yes, he is a loyal, loving, merciful Father!
He will carry me until I’m old and grey, he will never leave me. And if he thinks that I should go home, he will do it. It determines the time and the circumstances. And I will accept it, because it comes out of his hand.

Thank you Heavenly Father, that you have my life so completely in your hands! Everything is under control! You know – oh, you have always known what a difficult person I am. And yet, you said yes to me and supported me and sometimes even dragged. Thank you for your faithfulness!!

Bible Reading Today: Luke 17, 20-37

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