Father and Mother  –  2020.04.29

Father and Mother  –  2020.04.29

Honor your father and your mother,
as the Lord your God had commanded you,
so that you may live long
and that it may go well with you
in the land your Lord is giving you.

Many people have constant difficulties in their lives without knowing the reason for that. They should ask themselves whether this is due to the disregard of the above mentioned command. As God has expressively asked us to honor father and mother the breach of this rule has surely bad spiritual consequences, entails His curse.
I know such families where the children have despised their parents. Now, grown up, they are treated by their children in the same way. And this will go on with the following generations unless someone breaks this curse.
Those who are constantly struggling with their parents and cannot honor them, have also problems with their friendships, with marriage, with their children and also with their collegues at work. There is also no blessing in the practice of the profession itself. The success is missing.
These people have no peace!
But I also know people who love their parents with all their heart, who get on well with them. It is so soothing to visit such families. There is no tension among them. The children live happily there. There is no oppressive authoritarian behavior. Blessed is he who grows up in such a peace.
It is important to maintain good relationships with the parents. The first thing to do is to admit all offenses, to confess ones guilt: rebellion, cheekiness, lovelessness, bad words. One has to asked them for forgiveness and accept them, love them as they are, of course without getting in a slave-like dependency to them.
Forgiveness sets free an infinite amount!  God
s blessing can flow and all bitterness towards the parents slowly disappears. You stand on safe ground from where you are able to honor the parents, to show respect to them, and to love them even will all their faults and shortcomings.
If you do not take this step a deep longing for mother and father remains unfulfilled and there is a great wound deep in your heart.

Dear Father in Heaven, herewith I forgive my parents. I ask You for forgiveness for all my bad behaviors towards them. I confess, I did not act properly. I thank You for Your help that now I can honor and love them as Your word says.

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