For pigs – 30.07.2020

For pigs – 30.07.2020

After a few days the younger son packed everything up and moved to a faraway country.
Luke 15, 13

Once upon a time there was a Christian who got bored in the church. Boring sermons on Sunday, and Bible study was enough to put him to sleep. Always just praying and reading the Bible, singing and making a good, happy impression. Never partying with friends, no liquor, no girls, nothing. Nah, that’s no life! – And so he set off for a faraway, unknown country. First he let the heavenly father pay him off, a big blessing and all the good things that make a Christian, and then he left.
How exciting everything in the world was! Illuminated advertising, sociability, action until late into the night! Exciting movies that don’t hide anything, sports, music, girls, alcohol and more! He thought life was just beginning.
But after some time syphilis came, the liver was aching, the head ached and of all his friends there was nobody left to comfort him or help him. Lonely and alone he lay around and begged for bread. Someone saw him and sent him to the pigsty to manure and other work that no one else wanted to do. And he sat around feeling sorry for himself. Oh, how good the food was at home, how nice it was to be together with the family! – and he got a longing for home. After a few days he made a plan and left to go home. But he didn’t know, would his father even take him back after he had behaved so shabbily? He wrote a letter expressing his concerns and asking that if he was allowed to return home, a large sheet be hung in the apple tree. He would see this from a distance and then either turn around or come home. When the man was still a few miles from home, he saw all the trees around the house full of sheets, and the father stood by the path and waited for him. The father recognized him from a distance and ran towards him, hugged him and pulled him into the house, put him in the shower, because he smelled rather stern, burned the ragged clothes and dressed him anew, hairdresser and shave were attached and meanwhile a suckling pig was sizzling on the grill. What a beautiful celebration, what an exuberant joy, what happiness to be back home!

Yes, child, that is how Heavenly Father is waiting for you.  Many go out into the world on a “fact-finding trip” now and then and come back loaded with sins. The Father is waiting for you. He takes you in His arms, does not reproach you, but purifies you and makes you white again, pure and holy. You are His child, even if you should still be with the pigs now. Come back, He is waiting!!

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