Fulfilled – 2015.05.30

Fulfilled – 2015.05.30

Be filled with the Spirit!
Ephesians 5: 18

Four tires were in the dark in the garage and talked about their adventures. One could do better than the others. But then the door opened, a creature stepped inside and grabbed the first tire and carried it out into the light. Iiiii how dirty it was! Full of dust and cobwebs!! But the creature took a wet rag and rubbed the tires clean. It shone in the sun again! How nice!!! The creature came back with a long iron and squeezed the tire on a rim. Oh, how that hurt! Then, the tire was bolted to a machine. And then came something wonderful: it was filled with air! Proper fresh compressed air! Oh, how the tires stretched and shouted, yes, that it was what he longed for! And then we set off, in the great freedom: The engine started and whizzed through the streets. Yes, because the tires felt good and could even show what it was capable of. That was real life, full of risk and freedom without end. Splendid!! Then the machine stopped. One of the tires had a small hole and the air escaped. The tire was taken off and disappeared into the trunk.
So it is with us Christians: First, we live in the dark, but we know nothing else and felt comfortable until the light – Jesus – appears. Then we see our blemishes and sins. He purifies us – that hurts, but it is good! He puts us in our place and equips us. He fills us with compressed air, – the Holy Spirit. And then we go! But be careful, if someone remains in sin, he has a small hole and the compressed air, the power of God escapes. Let us to stay in His love rather than turning back to those old things! Let us keep the freshness of the spirit rather than flirting with any other things!
Thank you, Jesus, you have pulled me out of the darkness and filled me with your life and power. I do not want back into the half-dark, I do not want to make more compromises, but stay in your light! Lord, fill me again and again with your Holy Spirit! I need your strength to live with you.

Bible Reading Today: Luke 3: 1 – 18

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