Genesis 16, 13

Genesis 16, 13

Hagar named the Lord who spoke to her, “You are El Roi” because she said, “Can I still see after he saw me?” Therefore, that well is called Beer-lahai-roi.
Genesis 16, 13f

Hagar was a slave. She had run away from her mistress because she could no longer endure her harsh treatment and injustice. She ran into the desert, where the Lord found her at a spring. He spoke with her, and strengthened her through His Word . And Hagar was overwhelmed by the care of the Lord and called Him: Beer-Lahai-Roi – A God Who Sees.
This slave was not indifferent to our Lord. He saw her misery and had pity with her because she was valuable and precious to Him. He met her in her desperate situation and she understood: He is the Living One who cares for me, He intervenes, rescues and releases! I can count on Him and endure every situation, because He is there and always has the final say!
We also want to look for the one who looks after us. He is the God who cares about us! He’s worried about us! In every situation He is with us and turns out to be Lord! Yes, we can trust Him! We want to look for the one who looks after us. We want our inner eyes are fixed on Him and won’t let our eyes wander. God’s Spirit who lives in our hearts, will help us doing that.

Thank You, Father in heaven! You’re worried about me and always care for me. I don’t have to worry about unnecessary things any longer! Such a life with You is liberating, joyful and full of peace. How well that I found You!

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