Get up again! – 2015.07.05

Get up again! – 2015.07.05

Therefore, strenghthen your feeble arms and week knees. Make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.

Hebrews 12:12

Sometimes our faith and hope get tired. We see no results so that we lose faith. Discouraged we are at the bottom.
Our Lord does not like that. He wants us to get up again, raise our head with boldness and proclaim: Anyway I believe Him!
It is our decision whether we remain lying, or wether we get up. Certainly the enemy tries to steel our courage and hope but should we allow that? If we realize this attack we are able to protect ourselves in Jesus name. Get up again!!
He is our living hope. Paulus had a problem which God did not want to take away. He had a thorn in the flesh whatever this meant. He prayed for healing. However God seemed to use this problem that Paul should only rely on Him and not on his own strength. The Lord is our strength much more powerful than the problem.
Not always we know God`s plans. However we know: difficulties make us stronger, obstacles inspire our fath.
We should not believe that God removes all obstacles, but we may be sure that He stands by our side. We believe in Him and not in automatical solutions of problems. Our faith should be alive. We want to be in close community with Him, who suffered with us. We want to find rest at His heart to receive new courage, hope, and strength. If we get up He stretches forth His hand so that we can go on. Be encouraged! Our expectation in Him will never be dissapointed. Do not remain lying like people who have no hope. Desolation, depression, weakness … are waiting for you.
No, we are children of the Light. Hand in hand we go together with the Lord through all difficulties, are together with Him in good and in bad times until He carrry us to His throne.

Thank you, Jesus, with you I can cope with life. Please forgive me when I am hopeless. You are there and encourage me. You are my destiny. You are my hope, in You I am safe.

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