Give and Take – 2015.07.25

Give and Take – 2015.07.25

Each one must do as he has made ​​up his mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver. In his power God can pour out all gifts over you, so that you always in all everything you need is sufficiently available and you still have enough to do good to all.
2 Corinthians 9, 7f
God is a God of abundance. He himself is not thrifty or stingy and his children should not be. He gives everything in abundance, creates everything in abundance and is rich without end. If he gives much, he does not have less.
He wants us to give. Because we then become free from attachment to money and of seeing to our self and our own needs. Giving and making gifts should be a part of our character. We then look at the giver of all gifts, God, and to the receiver, the other people. We get a view for mercy and learn to listen to God’s voice and leadership. God needs the merciful donors to do good here in the world!
If we know God, it is no longer difficult for us to give. He himself has also given His beloved Son for us!
God wants a cheerful giver, who has overcome his financial worries and existential fears, because he is secure in Him. Secure in Him, all worries disappear …
God wants a silent covenant with you. No one shall know, only him and you. You give your gifts to Him, not to people or communities or churches or charitable institution, so that they might not have be grateful to you and you won’t draw any rights from it. And He ensures that you do not have less, but even more. But it’s not a business, rather an act of trust and faith.
Be a cheerful giver! Do not be a sullen, stingy, forced donor. He has given everything for you, he will not have to worry in any other situation for you? You’re His child!

Thank you, Jesus! You make me feel free from worries and anxieties! For with you I’m really cared for. You care for me in every way, even for the money. Because I can live and give freely and without fear. You alone make it possible!

Bible Reading Today: Luke 23, 26 – 43

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