God is a generous God

God is a generous God

So then, as often as we have the chance, we should do good to everyone, and especially to those who belong to our family in the faith.
Galatians 6,10

We are children of God, we have “His inheritance” and therefore we are able to reflect God’s character. His inheritance, that is the Holy Spirit He has filled in our hearts. He shall reign in us! Then we live in a way that is pleasing to him, and act like Jesus would act. God is a generous god, not a petty “sin counter” or a small-minded judge who does not forget the smallest mistake, the smallest offense. No, He likes giving and He loves to overwhelm us with good things. He is willing to forget our sins, because He loves his children. He is not resentful, but has always hope for His children. Yes, such a heavenly father is good! I hope we reflect His characteristics in dealing with our children. Because God is so good to us, we can be good to others. Because God always forgives our offenses, mistakes and ingratitude, we can be tolerant to others. Because He constantly gifts us, devotes a lot of time, and always has an open mind for us, we can do the same with our fellow men. Because He always has new hope for us, we can share this hope with others. The same way my family, my children and siblings are particularly close to me and I participate in their life, our siblings in faith became very dear to our heart. Of course there are some tough and challenging siblings, but we want to support and forgive them. What do we know why they have become how they are. God has great hope for them too!

I thank You Father for this great gift! Thank you for your Holy Spirit which enables me to listen to Your voice and to become like You more and more. You are such a great, generous and good God! How should I continue being resentful, bitter, self-opinionated, proud and selfish. Please give me more of Your good Spirit!

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