God – my Rock

God – my Rock

Only in God do I find rest;
my salvation comes from him.
Only God is my rock and my salvation –
my stronghold! – I won’t be shaken anymore.
Psalms 62, 1f

A few days ago we were at a festival. Many people were there and crowded around the market stalls. But before one was a long queue of serious-looking people. I looked into the little tent and saw a woman who was predicting their future by reading the people’s hands. Oh, I thought, that’s terrible!
So it is when people do not know the living God. They are looking for security when they are in serious circumstances. They have urgent questions that need answers. But to whom should they turn? The psychologists, fortune-tellers, dream interpreters and horoscope writers have much to do! It is bad when people get involved with the devil through fortune-telling, interpreting dreams or horoscopes; – Because they actually ask him. Actually there is no man who can know what will happen tomorrow. But the enemy can tell us what has been shown to him from the future. And so the people turn to him instead of to the living God. So where are the Christians who have the answer?!
A man went to the fortune-teller who told him many details of what will happen in the future. Then, as really everything gradually got fulfilled, the man got scared. He sought God and found Jesus. There he broke down using these bindings and since then no more prophecy was fulfilled. Jesus is the Lord of life, the ways of the enemy bring fear, misery and despair.
God wants us to live our lives trusting in His mercy. He wants to be our rock on which we stand safely. He wants to carry us, today, tomorrow, and always. From His hand we can accept our fate, for it is a hand of love. He keeps me, so I shall not be shaken. From Him my help comes from, not from the enemy, who just wants to harm me.

Thank You, Jesus, with You I am safe! You know every day that once will come, and you’ll be with me every day. I can confidently look into the future, because You’re there! You are my rock and my strong castle, my dear helper and loyal friend! How great that I have You and so do not need any divination! You’re my future!

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