God’s grace

God’s grace

You are saved by God’s grace!
Ephesians 2, 5

Yesterday I asked the Lord, how He is able to love all these people. They are all just liars, thieves and egoists merciless with each other and brutally against each other, ungrateful, bitter and without any remorse. Then He said: They can also be different! And He showed me, how lovingly a reckless man is taking care of his garden. And how an embittered mother is caring for her children. And how a violent father is playing with his dog. Yes, they really can be different, I thought. But… Do they not want, or do they not can?
His grace can make every man a loving, caring, pleasant, friendly people! But as long as we wear us down, make an effort and require things from God, grace certainly will not reign. It makes me soft, I’m grateful to Him and I give up fighting. I become dependent on Him, who wants to give me everything. In his gentle hand I become like soft wax he can mold now. He can put His spirit inside of me and can live in me. I want to listen to Him and talk, as he tells me and act, as he likes it. Just this way earth can become a piece of heaven. Although we know that we are dependent on His grace, we live differently. Grace is a gift, an undeserved gift. But we really want to try to be friendly and good.
Oh, if we finally could understand, how extensive His Grace is! Then our heart would be quiet in His presence. Grace is bigger than every problem, bigger than every sin and can even make you and me a good human. Just let God work! Today we rather look at the grace, the whole day, let us deliver to His grace with our shortcomings, unkindness, errors and problems – HE will do it!

Thank You, Jesus, I can entirely rely on You. Your grace is above my life! Your mind inside of me is doing, what I can’t do! I don’t need to deserve anything, but may accept Your love and grace – Yes, You are my wonderful God!

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