God‘s vineyard – 2015.05.09

God‘s vineyard – 2015.05.09

You also go into the vineyard, and whatever is right I will give you.
Matthew 20 ; 4
A good tenant has a vineyard. At harvest-time he goes to the market early, .and bids for workers. He offered them 1 Denar as the daily wage. He finds more workers at 9 o‘clock, at midday and at 3 in the afternoon. He sends them all to the vineyard and tells them he will pay the right wages. At 5pm he finds more workers. Then at 6pm the working day ends and the workers get their wages. He gave the last workers their wages first, 1 Denar and the workers who had been their since early morning thought that they would get more. But they also received 1 Denar. They were jealous, because the workers that did less work were paid the same.
The vineyard is the Kingdom of God. Jesus needs workers to bring in the harvest. Some people start very early in their childhood and lived for Jesus. Others in their youth or in their adulthood. And some decide for Jesus just before the end of their life. Jesus wants to use them, they should not be seen as useless. They should receive their wages, the blessings of God. But they will be used, they are not rusted scrap. They have their live experience and knowledge, they often have time and can do so much!
In the Kingdom of God there is no retirement. I know a lady from the US, every afternoon she gathers with German-speaking group of people and reads out this devotion. What a great idea! I know a pensioner, he uses his english-knowledge and translates the devotion into english. Wonderful! Another visits the sick and tells them of Jesus, prays with them and leaves them something to read. Brilliant! A women organizes courses to teach the foundations of faith. She invites people, keeps in touch with them, invites speakers, organizes all the small things and gains a great harvest. Great! A woman makes coffee and caters for the visitors after church services. She is needed! She reflects God‘s kindness Other women are babysitters and tell children about their faith. Some men are good craftsmen. They repair everything for pensioners or single women. They even organize a house move! I know a women from a poor country cares for single mothers. She helps with the paperwork, with the children and if needed does the shopping. Another one has “adopted” children from an orphanage. Now she is their “Mum”. Every day the children come and visit and are glad to have a “home”. Yes God can give everyone good ideas how to be part of God’s kingdom. But please, there is no retirement. There is so much to do, why should others have to do it.
God has give every gift. He will also give ideas and possibilities. We want to engage in this adventure. He is with us.

Thank you Jesus that for you no-one is too young or too old, too ill or too. You take us into your service. Sometimes we feel undeserving and unuseable, despite that you use us a d bless us in the work. Yes we want to serve to build your kingdom.

Todays Bible verses: Psalm 87; 1-7

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