God’s Will​ – 2019.07.08​

God’s Will​ – 2019.07.08​

Your Kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in Heaven.
Matthew 6, 10

Yes, these two parts definitely belong together! We only want to ask what reflects the Kingdom of Heaven! No egoistic requests, no special position for our own lives, not the fulfillment of our greed and urges, but God’s Kingdom realized on earth. That is why Jesus keeps talking about us needing to die. Our old self-driven ego, our self-pitying heart must be buried so that the new seed of the Kingdom of God may grow. He wants to make new people out of us when the old has passed away.
What is His Will? Earthquakes, storms, floods, volcanoes, civil wars? Or peace, love, forgiveness, mercy? – No question, is there?
Actually, these are also our wishes. We would like to see the Kingdom of Heaven become a reality here on earth. God’s will is to be done here, just as it is already happening in Heaven.
God rules in Heaven. And there is harmony, peace, love, enthusiasm (no boredom), light! Everything is full of colours and music, everything is penetrated by the power of the Spirit of God, that is why it lives …. Oh, it will be wonderful!
Where Jesus is allowed to reign here on earth, there is glory, there is peace, love, redemption and mercy. The monks and nuns who took Jesus’ words seriously were the ones who built the first hospitals and hospices. It was the Christians who worked out the end of slavery with words, deeds and prayers. They did not rest until God’s will was done. Georg Müller took in the orphans, Mother Theresa the AIDS sufferers and the dying …. Where is our place? What is our driving force? Where may God place us? His will shall be done! This should not remain a pious wish, but must be implemented through words, prayers and deeds. Where to with me?
So many in our midst know prison from the inside. God did not want them to remain lost, but gave them a new chance. It is worth standing up for the Lord and bringing the Gospel with word, deed and prayer to the people! They are waiting for light, hope, salvation!

Jesus, Your will is good! Your will be done in my life, even if it becomes “uncomfortable” for me. Let Your Kingdom come, and I want to help. Lord, equip me and put me in the place where I can serve You!

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