Harmony and unity  –  2020.09.05

Harmony and unity  –  2020.09.05

How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!
Psalm 133, 1

I was at a conference and we praised God with hearts and soul. That was good! The wall shakes when a hundred men praise the Lord!
And as we prayed we noticed how much frankness the Lord gave to prayer, how much authority and power was in the prayers! Yes, unity and harmony makes such a great difference.
And then the enemy came, and one of them snored all night long.  No one else slept. That one had rested enough by 6 o’clock in the morning, while the others had just fallen asleep. The harmony was over, long forgotten. Anger reigned. And the collective prayer that morning? Those were only beautiful words, with no power or authority.
Yes, such a little thing can upset everything! Do you understand now why there is so little powerful prayer in the churches and services, and why so little happens after our prayers? Because there is no harmony, or we pretend that everything is all right, but our hearts are grumbling!
The only thing that helps is constant forgiveness.  Every little thing. – And, of course, we must look for solutions. With mutual appreciation this works quite well. Then harmony is quickly restored or does not go away at all!
When the people built the Tower of Babylon, God became pensive. HE thought that since they have one language and stand together, nothing will be impossible for them anymore. – But the people meant their rebellion against God. And we stand together in unity for the LORD, so that all things on earth are possible to Him. HE needs our united prayer, so that His work can succeed! HE wants to do great things here with us. Shall we stand in His way with our pettiness or shall we help Him through our unity?
Unity means harmony among ourselves, humbly bowing before the other, appreciating the other, loving his presence, being friendly and patient with one another. Harmony also means having a common goal; overlooking mistakes, not taking one’s own desires and sensitivities so seriously, and still being accepted. Not to be a doormat for others, but to serve voluntarily.
Our unity for Jesus is a sign to others that faith is right and that Jesus is the LORD. For elsewhere there is strife, envy, jealousy, strife, intrigue and evil rumors. Give glory to the LORD and sacrifice everything for Him, so that you do not disturb the harmony with your brothers and sisters! HE wants to make you a member in this harmony, an important part of His prayer team!

O LORD, forgive me for having so many reservations about my brothers and sisters! I want to forgive, – please help me to love them. Show me how You see them and teach me to see with Your eyes!

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