He is the doctor ​ – 2019.07.11​

He is the doctor ​ – 2019.07.11​

It’s not the healthy who need the doctor, it’s the sick.
Matthew 9, 12

Jesus liked to be with ordinary people, with faulty, sinful, loud, coarse people. He loved fellowship with sinners. The devout stood aside and wrinkled their noses. They thought heaven belonged to them, God must be very pleased with His bodyguard and must give them a place of honor. But I fear that in judgment He will say to them, “Go away, I do not know you at all!
They feel righteous, pious and holy. But Jesus sees their hearts full of pride, without mercy, full of jealousy and greed, of self-righteousness and arrogance. They are hateful to Him because they do not walk in God’s ways and prevent others from getting to know Jesus.
The sinners are difficult people. Somehow unpleasant, not likeable, full of mistakes and bad habits. But they know it.
Anyone who wants to come to Jesus must know: I am only a person, a very small one, a sinner, a person full of unsolved problems, a person who cannot cope alone. I need Jesus! I need a saviour!
When your life is full of problems, when your “opponent” wrestles you to the ground, when you can no longer breathe, when you no longer know a way out, when sin has become too repugnant for you, when you can no longer find peace, then you are exactly the right person for Jesus. He seeks such people. For them He was on the cross.
Pour out your heart to Him and ask Him for help. He will also save and redeem you. Only He has the strength and the power to loosen chains and break prisons. He has good plans and thoughts for you. Take Him into your heart, let Him be LORD over you and He will do everything to save you.

Yes, Jesus, You are the Saviour! Already so many people have entrusted themselves to You and You have saved them. Here I am, imperfect and full of sin. LORD, I entrust myself to You, save me!

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