His Voice – 2016.06.09

His Voice – 2016.06.09

My sheep hear my voice.
John 10, 27

Jesus desires not only that we hear His voice, but he definitely states: We hear Him.
This does not necessarily mean that that we audibly hear Him with our ears. So an audio vision is rare. I think I have heard the voice of God in my life only four times. So the  Lord means something else here.
When we read the Bible, God speaks to our hearts. A certain verse in the Bible speaks to us especially; it touches a sensitive chord in us: God speaks and wants to show us something.
Sometimes God speaks through other people. It is often true that God uses this way of communication. A sermon or a book suddenly talks to us as if God himself spoke.
God sometimes uses prophets, who are His mouthpieces. By them He brings His Word into concrete situations. But we must be independent and should not surrender ourselves to any prophet. Therefore God wants the word of others only to confirm what it is in our own heart. We need to consider it. Then it may be the decisive word for us.
God always speaks very positively; and if he corrects us it happens so full of love that it gives us no difficulty accepting it. He wants to build us, strengthen, comfort, encourage and free us.
The voice of the enemy condemns, judges, makes us poor and small, reminds us of our failure … it destroys us. This voice is quite loud and we need to push it back, you should not listen to it. Let us wait quietly for God’s gentle voice. With time we get experience and will be able to distinguish these two voices in us.
Sometimes we do not hear God’s answer, although we ask him intensely. It may be that he has already told his answer, but we did not like it, or he wants us to make independent decisions; – We are friends and associates and not slaves or puppets. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. For He always keeps His hand upon us, and intervenes when it is necessary.
Sometimes however, we are hardened to His voice. That’s bad. We have become so accustomed to preaching, worship songs and Bible, that it no longer applies to us. We have become cold Christians. He can do what he wants: We know all that already. When has He talked to us recently? Is it weeks and months ago? If it is so, then it is our own fault, for He wants to talk to his children, but it appears that we don’t want to talk with Him so much. This hardening can cost us our entire relationship with Christ. If you notice it then act immediately: repent and seek the Lord with all your strength. Are there maybe some sins between you and the Lord? Then get rid of it as soon as possible.
His words are life for us. How can we live happily as Christians, if we cannot hear Him? If we do not speak with Him?

Thank You, Jesus, You always wait for me, when the time for silence is there. You like to be with me. You cleanse me and give me courage for the day. You take me by the hand and walk with me through the day and through all things of my life. It is so good that You are there!!

Bible Reading Today: Titus2, 1 – 15

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