Greed and Freedom – 2016.06.10

Greed and Freedom – 2016.06.10

One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.
Proverbs 11, 24

Aunty Erna has been living alone for many years. Sometimes her happy laughter can be heard inside her home, when she has been playing jokes again. At lunchtime her doll shares the table with her. Aunty Erna is slightly retarded. She avoids the company of others and has withdrawn from society with her doll. She lives in her own little world.
We all know the saying: a problem shared is a problem halved. Or: a joy that’s shared is a joy made double. It is easy to understand that this means that everything we share is actually doubled, not halved. When it comes to money, it is not so easy to understand. But God’s ways differ from our logic.
Everything, truly everything we share, is doubled by God.
Some people sit down on a monthly basis to calculate the worth of their tenth, their offering to be given to the congregation. Dutifully they pay their tenth. And God “dutifully” blesses them, but somehow never wholeheartedly and to overflowing.
It is so much better to be willing to share.
God has never given us only our “rightful portion”, but always He always gives abundantly. He has never saved, been stingy or greedy. He has never kept back for Himself, and has never considered keeping provisions for difficult times. He has always given everything.
It is not only about money, although sharing also involves our beloved money. We should share our lives, our joy, our faith, our hope, and our possessions, simply everything. Then God can open the floodgates of heaven and flood us with everything we need, and He even gives us much, much more.
If God were to give me 10000 dollars daily, it would be too much. Then everyone else would be jealous and resentful. Others would try to uncover my secret and to write books with spiritual directives. No, it would not be good for my relations with others. And also not for me; – I would become conceited, pride taking over. It is better to be content with what God has provided. I am happy and grateful. When I need a lot, God will provide a lot. I’ve known this a long time, and I truly believe it. I’m happy when He gives me joy, love, friends, acceptance, peace, rest and work, and when He helps me in the little things of daily life.
Yes, I can share without fear that I will run short. He frees me from greed, egoism, false thrift and fear of bankruptcy. It is good to no longer experience existential fear. He has freed me.

Thank You, Jesus, You are so generous, so cheerful in giving, You enjoy handing out good things. From You I can take and take, without ever feeling guilty. You share everything with me. And I want to share Your gifts with others, because Your good gifts are needed everywhere.

Bible study for today: Titus, 1-15

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