His Word – 2019.12.30

His Word – 2019.12.30

While Jesus was saying these things, a certain woman in the crowd spoke up: “Happy is the mother who gave birth to you and who nursed you.” But he said, “Happy rather are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.”
Luke 11:27f

Sometimes we think there are saints. They are so perfect and well that we can not compete with them. Yes, they are doing great work and talk wisely about God’s word. But that’s not why they are happy. Even the Pharisees tried to please God by their works. They knew the Word of God by heart, followed every little statement and yet, they were not happy. This way to please God is impossible for us.
We humans want to have community with God, dwelling in His presence. And God wants fellowship with us humans and wants to bring us into His presence. This works best when He welcomes us into His family. Alone through His goodness it does not work.
Jesus says to the people who want to make themselves good and holy, ‘Go away, for I do not know you.
But to the people who come to Him with desire, He tells: Anyone who believes in me will be saved and has the power to be a child of God. Abide in my love! And love one another.
My children are no saints. Sometimes they fool around, make mischief or break something. And yet they are my children, because no one can change that. The bond that holds us together is love. They know that I love them, I and I know that they love me. So you can ignore the error and failure and be at ease and happy together.
Yes, that is what God wants: We are to belong to His divine family and the bond of love is to hold us together. ‘Remain in His love’ means that we know that God loves us without limits. And we do or don’t do things because we love Him. He is our wonderful, loving father!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your sake I belong to the family of God! You love me infinitely, You have redeemed and saved me. Now I belong to You. Yes, I love You and want to be together with You all day and all my life. You’re there, standing by my side and help me everywhere. Together with You I can sing, laugh and be merry, for You are my strong friend and helper!

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