In conflict – 2015.08.03

In conflict – 2015.08.03

…. you are blessed by the Lord.

Genesis 26:29
God promised Isaac the hole of Palestine, however it was still owned by​ ​
other people. As an foreign herder he had to wander through the land.​ ​
But he was a respected figure and he trusted God. The work he did was​ ​
blessed and God increased his riches and multiplied his herds.​​
Other people got envious and send Isaac away and destroyed his wells. He​ ​
had gotten to powerful for their taste.​ ​
But Isaac moved a bit further​ ​
and reopened the well of his father, Abraham. But the people started to​ ​
confront his herders. They claimed, the water belongs to them, not​ ​
Isaac. So he moved again and dug a new well. Sure enough, this new well​ ​
was reason for another conflict. So Isaac moved again and dug another​ ​
well. There was no conflict for this well and Isaac called the well​ ​
Rehoboth – a broad place – saying: The Lord has given us room.​​
Here he build a new altar to the Lord since he knew his defense was God.​ ​
After some time, the people came to make a peace treaty with Isaac. They​ ​
feared him, since they know God blessed everything he touched, and said: ​"​
You are blessed by the Lord.​"​

Isaac was not a powerless man jet he did not seek conflict. He did not​ ​
insist on his right at all cost, but he yielded and moved away. His​ ​
trust was in God, not in his right or his strength, so he could yield​ ​
and end the argument.​

A lot of times we fight about small stuff as if our life depends on it!​ ​
But we don’t have to! We only need the peace that God gives to us. We​ ​
need his blessing so our life becomes fruit full. Conflict makes us​ ​
bitter, cold and calculating, but peace makes us strong, brave, certain​ ​
and compassionate.

Thank you father, that i found you! You look after me, even if others​ ​
cheat me or talk bad about me. When i avoid conflict You will pay me​ ​
back in full. You want me to be a peacemaker at all cost. Your peace​ ​
will be worth it.

Bible reading today: Psalm 100: 1-5

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