Intercession  –  2020.03.22

Intercession  –  2020.03.22

Last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve, stood beside me and said:
“Do not be afraid, Paul.  …  God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you.”
Acts 27:23f

Paul had been on board of a vessel to Rom as a prisoner when a heavy storm came up, so terrible that even the sailors lost their courage. Paul, however, had prayed not only for himself, but also for the other prisoners as well as for the soldiers and sailors. And God had answered his prayer, promised rescue for all.
Yes, that is intercession! If Paul had not prayed, everyone probably would have drowned.God loved Paul as a passionate follower of Jesus and complied with his request to save the people. Basically God always is waiting for our intercession to save people. We know that the world once was perfect until man in disobedience has allowed the devil to come. Now God expects our intercession in the name of His Son to intervene. Therefore intercession in power and trust is very effective.
Paul trusted God, had an intimate relationship with Him, spoke about all his very personal matters with Him. So he was able to pray for specifically concerns in this world according to the will of God.
In our intimate relationship with God we learn more and more His plans, understand the spiritual connections of the world events and can therefore intercede more purposefully and more intensively.
In the same way as God rescued all men who had been on the vessel together with Paul likewise God wants to save people who are with us: our family, our collegues at work, our friends, and also travel companions. In that moment I wonder how many planes did not crash, how many cruise ships did not sink, how many bus accidents did not happen just because there was a praying child in them. And even in the present Corona crises we can pray for our neighbour and definetely should do so intensely. God surely answers our prayers and will avert all bad things.

Thank You, Jesus, you bought us free from evil and made us children of God. We trust You! Lord, I pray for my family. Take care of them and protect them with Your blood. I pray for the many sick and dying. Help them, in particular by opening their eyes for Your glory as You have overcome death. In Your name there is life! In your name we command the Corona virus to go so that our country can live in peace.

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