Jesus and the Storm — 2015.12.07

Jesus and the Storm — 2015.12.07

Then he got into the boat and his disciples followed him. Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.
Matthew 8:23-24

It was a long day for Jesus, He talked to a lot of people and many of them seeked healing. He probably was so tired He just wanted to sleep.
The disciples have been experienced fishermen but still, this storm made them fear for their life. But Jesus was sleeping.
I guess, He was completely secure in God, His father. He knew, nothing could happen to him that His father would not allow. He knew, on the other side of the lake demon-possessed men were waiting for Him. He had to save them, because it was a mission form God. He will have the victory over all darkness. The enemy knew this, that’s why he tried to make life difficult for Jesus – the storm was not a natural one, but was send by the enemy. The enemy wanted to sink the boat and drown Jesus and the disciples but God did not allow it. God set limits to the evil.
Being completely secure in God – this absolute trust in the heavenly father – is what let Jesus sleep like a baby.
When the disciples woke Jesus it was another instance of a victory over the enemy: He only spoke one quiet work of command and the storm grew quiet. Within seconds everything was quiet and the water lay calm. Truly, Jesus is more powerful than the storm! The disciples were amazed to see that even the wild nature was obedient to the Lord.
I wish to be completely secure in God! Nobody and nothing should be able to bring me out of balance. I want to keep to my Savior. He holds my hand and nobody can pull me away from Him. He set limits to the evil and I will trust in Him. He is my Lord!

Thank You Jesus, I can be completely secure in You. I am secure as long as I keep to You, trust You, and listen to You. You are the Lord who truly cares for me.
Bible reading today: Romans 8:18-30

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