Jonah III – Salvation   –  2020.10.04

Jonah III – Salvation   –  2020.10.04

What I have vowed I will make good.
I will say, salvation comes from the Lord.
Jonah 2:10

Jonah was swimming inmidst of a stormy sea, the waves swept over his head and he almost drowned. He then sank to the bottom, into the very heart of the seas. Seaweed was wrapped around his head. In this misery he felt judged and banished by God.
But God listened to his cry for help and sent a huge fish to swallow him. Already many years before God must have created this big fish. For now Jonah was saved.It was dark and wet in the belly of the fish and it must have smelled terrible there. For three days and three nights Jonah was in this belly. He thanked his Lord for the salvation not yet knowing how his situation would develop. At least he was still alive and not drowned. He now renewed his vow: “With shouts of grateful praise I will sacrifice to you. What I have vowed I will make good. I will say, salvation comes from the Lord”  Those words must have pleased God. He commanded the fish to vomit Jonah on to dry land.
In every life there are times when big waves slosh over you and draw you down to the bottom of the sea and you see no way out. But when we cry for help He hears us and pulls us out of mess and misery. Often we like to make promises that we don`t keep. That should not be! Then after the first mishap the sencond downfall quickly. comes. Therefore, keep your vows that you gave to the Lord! They are holy to Him. Then the “fish” will vomit you onto dry land and you can continue walking your way happily but as it hopefully pleases God.

Jesus, You are Lord of all. Also in my life! Sometimes I go my own way, but You call me back. That is wonderful. I always want to walk only on Your way as You are my Lord!

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