Leaders and Superstars  –  2019.11.29

Leaders and Superstars  –  2019.11.29

Jesus says to Peter:
You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church.
Matthew 16, 18

Jesus here speaks to Peter by his spiritual name: – Petra means rock. This is the vocation and goal of Jesus with Simon. Here the name becomes a program, a prophetic call, and God himself fulfills this prophecy to Peter. At that time he was still Simon, the spontaneous, the temperamental one who did what he wanted. Later he became the rock of the church.
Church here means the whole congregation of Jesus, the whole small flock of those who follow Jesus, no matter in which denomination. The organization “Church” was formed by people only later, around 3oo A.D.. And so the compromises began …
Peter was a leader of the Christian community. Jesus trained him to do this. At first he was a natural, gifted leader, a hothead, quick with his tongue and big words. Later Jesus took him aside and asked him, “Do you love me? Three times Jesus had to ask before Peter understood him fully. And then Jesus said: “You have always girded yourself and gone wherever you wanted. But now another will gird you and lead you where you would not go.” – Peter put off his egoism and his show, became humble and thereby like any man – for he has mistakes and weaknesses which he can admit to himself because he is humble.
So Jesus could use him. Not as a superstar, like so many Christian stars, but as a humble leader who wanted nothing more than to be close to Jesus. Jesus’ word was his confirmation, not the rejoicing of the masses.
If you are looking for a leader, one who guides you, then go to the quiet places in the country, to those who even make mistakes, who are humble, who do not point to their successes and their wealth, who are not superstars, but are completely dependent on Jesus, who love Him and nothing else ….
The conferences with the superstars are sometimes very pleasant and good for us. But they don’t do well as leaders in daily life. There we need “normal” people.

Thank You Jesus, You Yourself are the Good Shepherd. You lead Your flock and each individual. Help us to listen to You, help us to become humble! And make us like You, so that we are leaders in our environment according to Your heart.

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