Let my people go!  –  2020.05.09

Let my people go!  –  2020.05.09

Then the Lord said, „ I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters. I know their sufferings.”
2. Mose, Exodus 3, 7

God called Moses when he tended sheep in the desert for 40 years. HE wants Moses to lead the people of God out of Egypt, because they are suffering greatly there. HE equipped Moses with a “magic wand” with which he could do miracles and sent him to Pharaoh. There Mose asked: Let my people go nevertheless! But the Pharao did not want to give away the cheap labour and slaves. God sent 10 terrible plagues. The first plagues struck the whole country, including the Israelites. But the really bad plagues hit only the Egyptians, God made a difference between the nations. And the tenth plague, the death of all the firstborn, hit only the Egyptians and the unbelieving Israelites (Jesus was also a firstborn). For whoever painted the sign of the Passover lamb on his doorposts was saved, and all the others perished. (A sign of salvation through Jesus: Whoever is under His blood is saved).
Let my people go! – This is how God still asks today. Egypt, that is the world with its temptations, addictions, luxury, sin and seductions. Lying and cheating, stealing and being unfaithful, it is all so simple, so normal in our world. But stand firm to Jesus, you will reap incomprehension and ridicule.
Let my people go! – God begs. They should leave this worldliness, these lazy compromises, this love for the world. Let them sanctify themselves for the holy God. They shall become one, without the divisions of theology. Let it become one heart and soul, faithful to one another. It shall no longer be defiled by the temptations of the devil.
Let my people go! – God wills it. HE will enforce His will and free us from all that burdens us, from worries and fears, from oppression and injustice, from the chains of the devil, from bondage, sickness, fear of death … He has the power!
Let my people go! – …God commands. HE will also free us from this virus that prevents the people of God from praying and from communion. We thank Him for His great mercy!

Thank You Jesus, You have already cleared the way on the cross! You want us to sanctify ourselves and be Your people and no longer stain us with compromises and lukewarmness. Lead us into the freedom of the children of God! We want to follow You! For You are our wonderful LORD.

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