Matthew 18

Matthew 18

I assure you that unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven. The greatest in the Kingdom of heaven is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child. And whoever welcomes in my name one such child as this, welcomes me. … See that you don’t despise any of these little ones. Their angels in heaven, I tell you, are always in the presence of my Father in heaven.
Matthew 18, 3-5;10

All my children are very different, each must be treated differently. And everyone of them once has cut a caper, the big bigger ones and the small smaller ones. It is not always easy with them! And yet they are my children and I vouch for them. As yet someone should come trying to harm them! Then I’m right there! They all have a boundless faith in their father. He loves us, He will help where we can’t go further, He’s just our dad!
If you want to enter the kingdom of God, His heaven, you have to become like a small child. It doesn’t matter if it’s difficult for you to read, to write, or if you are a professor or a doctor: Without this childlike relationship to your Father you will not make it.
Young children take their father at his word: Dad, yesterday you promised us that we…. and the father has to do it, for he has given his word. So our heavenly Father will not disappoint us when we confidently come to Him and say, what we read in the Bible, the Word of God. He keeps His word! It’s hard for a father when he sees his children fighting. And if they argue about how he is and what he wants to do, how to understand his word and who is his favorite child, then his heart sinks. Then they have not understood him! But he likes it when one cares for the other, and also the weak are protected and cared.
Our heavenly Father is much better, more loving, more powerful, more patient, more understanding, more trustworthy and gentler as an earthly father can be. Let’s trust Him and His Word!

Thank You, Father, I am Your child! You care for me and protect me and You have laid Your hand upon me. You are always there for me! Because You are my Father, I can take care of my siblings. Because You have so much forbearance and patience with me, I can be it with my siblings. And because the little children are so worth to You, I also love them. You’re the Father who loves us all!

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