Much misfortune  –  2020.02.12

Much misfortune  –  2020.02.12

You intended to harm me,
but God intended it for good
to accomplish what is now being done,
the saving of many lifes.
Genesis 50:20

Joseph had 11 brothers who were not at all benevolent to him. They wanted to kill him first but finally sold him as slave to Egypt. After suffering many injustices there he finally ended up in prison.For years he stayed there. God, however, used the time to build his character, to practice him in humility so that he finally could perform the duties of a viceroy. He was able to save the lifes of many people and also that of his brothers who had been in great famine.
Sometime we seem to be victims of intrigues too. Our neighbours, our colleagues are against us and we seem to be lost deep in misfortune missing any luck. But in reality God wants to test us, strengthen our belief if we hold on Him, trust Him. He wants to get us fit for bigger things. From this perspective misfortune can be the way to success, a good school! Our faith would never grow if everything would run well  from the very beginning.
A friend of mine was a drug dealer and addicted as well. Jesus saved him out of greatest darkness. Miracles after miracles happened. But now there seems to be a standstill in faith. Is there a danger of back sliding? God wants to work on us permanently. There is no standstill! Do not be fooled: Jesus is always Lord of everything and in every situation. With Him you can endure the greatest misfortune, even thank Him for it and why not, be proud of it. Stay in faith and cling on Him and He will change your situation soon. He still is your Lord who loves you.

Yes, Jesus, I trust You! For I know: You want give me the best. I cannot understand all, but I am certain that You can change everything to the good if necessary. Thank You that You are with me.

PS: Every one here on earth has a mission of God to save people. Your are invited to build the ark, the Christian community. He wants to use you as evangelist, helper, friend and as a man of prayer. He has a plan with you. Your life is not at all meaningless or aimless.

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