My grace is sufficient! – 2016.11.09

My grace is sufficient! – 2016.11.09

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.​ ​
Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christs power will rest on me.
2 Corinthians 12:9
Whether I am good or bad, strong or weak depends on the fact with whom I compare myself. For my dog I am the best, the strongest and the smartest. I may be better than people who lie, steal, are sometimes somewhat dumb, deceive the spouse, do not read the Bibler. On the other side they see my mistakes and weaknesses all the more and do not look at me so benevolently.
With whom I should compare myself? With Jesus of course! He was the only Man, who perfectly was good. Nobody was able to prove that He sinned and nevertheless they spoke about Him badly.
Paul had been in Athens and had a great speech in the marketplace. And what was the result: Only few accepted the gospel.
Then Paul continued his travel and went to Corinth, arrived there weak and thick. He did not preach with great theological words but in the power of God with the result that many came to believe in Jesus Christ. Indeed Paul was not particularly strong and healthy. He himselves complained about the &quot;pole in the flesh&quot; whatever this may have been. God replied as mentioned above: <em>My power is made perfect in weakness.
</em>Yes, these words are pleasing me! I am in fact not very strong and not a particularly good person. As a matter of fact there is nothing what I can do excellently but much what I am not able to do. Therefore I always feel good when I read these words.
I have tried hard for a long time to be good: kindly, lovingly, merciful, patient, and full of peace and joy. But somehow everything was rather stiff with me. I did not succeed as I had it in mind until I learnt that Jesus is giving me all these gifts I longed for so long. He lets grow the fruits of the Spirit, peace, joy, patience, mercifulness, and kindness and all I had in mind to be a good person. I only need to rest in His presence to let Him work in me.
Of course the Lord touches weak points in me as my pride and my weakness to get things immediately and at any rate. Often there were battles between the Lord and me. He always wins! I am too weak without Him. He gives me what I cannot achieve: the new man. He still has to work at my character. But I am free of pressure to be a good man. I let Him do that
s all. As the flowers are stretching out themselves to the sun and flourish so I will seek the Lord.

Thank You, Jesus, You did for me everything what I was not able to carry out. Yes, come and fill me with all I need. In you I am safe and protected against all self-accusation and damnation.

Bible reading today – John 21: 1-14

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