Brothers in Unity – 2016.11.08

Brothers in Unity – 2016.11.08

How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity! …
For there the Lord bestows his blessing,
even life for evermore.
Psalm 133,1.3

It is marvellous when we as physical siblings can live together in unity! So much to tell, and so much to laugh about! The joy is great, and one loves the other. Amongst spiritual siblings things are similar. It is to be a taste of Heaven, because there we will also be together. Joy for the other shall reign, and one wants to do good unto the other! Yes, the joy is great when we see each other again, and we wish the other well upon their departure. It is good and wonderful to jointly serve and praise our mutual Lord, to jointly bring our concerns before the Lord, one for the other! It is so nice to hear what our siblings have experienced with God! After such a happy fellowship one has renewed strength and guts for the week ahead, for the family and for the career!
The Lord often works miracles when siblings are together cheerfully and peacefully! How much healing occurs, how many hearts are healed and filled again with the love of God! How much faith in the love and strength of God emerges and grows! Marvellous to see siblings together in unity and joy!
So why is it that we do not always live this way?
There are the mutual reproaches that destroy all forms of unity. There are the angry tongues, the know-it-alls, and the “spiritual criminal police” who guards over everything.
For some time I was in a congregation that kept rigidly to the rules. The one who stuck to the rules was a good member of the congregation, the one who crossed the boundaries was a heathen. How is love supposed to reign here? How is one supposed to carry the other’s burdens
I was also once in a congregation where the pastor did everything. Everyone else was either a listener or a spectator who belonged in his place. Apparently there was not one responsible member of the congregation, other than the pastor. But I did not stay there very long…
At times I would visit other congregations. Sometimes the pastor would just go through the motion of doing his job. Their lack of living faith was apparent and they merely performed the rituals and said their texts. What did I want there?
And then there were those congregations where everyone was able to pray fast and loud in other languages. One outdid the other in terms of the miracles God had performed. I felt as though I as simple Christian had landed amongst the super holy. All I got there was a guilty conscience…
Oh how happy I am when I am there where people live together in unity! For there the Lord bestows His blessing, even life for evermore! There I feel at home, there I am amongst people, there I feel the presence of God that is good for me and makes my heart happy.

Thank You, Jesus, for my siblings! It is so good to praise Your holy name together with them! It is so good to sense You and be touched by You! It is so good when You bestow blessing and life!

Bible study for today: John 20, 19-31

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