Psalms 111, 1

Psalms 111, 1

With all my heart I will thank the Lord
in the assembly of his people.
Psalms 111, 1

If geese are on the move, they fly in a wedge formation. The first hast to break the air resistance and has many difficulties. The others fly in his slipstream and only have it about half as heavy as he. Therefore, the first goose is often replaced. So geese can travel more than thousand kilometers: One at the top, the others almost effortlessly behind.
Among us Christians it is similar. Alone it is hard, but in fellowship with other Christians it is a lot easier! During the jointly worship, our hearts cheer to Jesus, one heart takes along the other. In prayer, the faith of the one inspires the faith of the other. The nearness of God is much more noticeable than if one prays alone. In the Community you encourage, comfort and strengthen each other. Alone you often feel blue and it’s hard to find new courage again. Community is as important and necessary to us as breathing! The devil walks around, seeking whom he may devour. If someone is alone, it may succeed him. If someone in the flock, it is much more difficult for him.
Let us look for the fellowship with other Christians! Let’s go back to the church, the hour of prayer and Bible study or look for a home group! And there we want to praise the Lord with all our heart, in the circle of the pious, in the midst of our community!
Do not expect too much from other Christians, also from the leader. They are all just imperfect people like you. Just expect that Jesus will bless you because you listen to His Word and walk in His ways! Constantly forgive your fellow Christians, so that no bitter root grows! So your heart remains pure and unencumbered. Then you can worship Him with all your heart and He bends over you and fills you with His grace.

Thank You Jesus, You ‘re the reason of my worship! You have done so much for me and I will walk on Your ways and listen to Your word. I will get up and look for my siblings. And together, we want to praise You from all our heart! Praised be He, the rock, the Almighty, the Savior and Redeemer!

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