Psalms 15, 1

Psalms 15, 1

Who can live in your tent, Lord?
Who can dwell on your holy mountain?
Psalms 15, 1

Yes, who can be a guest at our God? Who is allowed to remain in His presence? Or is it all a little too big for us simple people?
Well, actually it’s impossible that we humans are so close to the holy, great God. But God himself wants to draw us to His heart! Therefore He has taken everything unclean and unholy of us and placed it on Jesus, who suffered for us on the cross. Through this exchange, our unholiness for the holiness of Jesus, we are pure and holy before God. But, we need to be wary and not fall back into the old life style! Our heart should remain truthful, lies and deceitful thoughts should disappear from our thinking. Greed and bad words, but even bad words and thoughts about others are inappropriate for a child of God. Not keeping a promise others rely on, and also corruption are surely not characteristics for God’s people!
Then the presence of God quickly disappears from our hearts and the peace of God moves. We prefer to be filled and guided by the Holy Spirit! His peace in our hearts is a good scale to make sure everything is correct. And His good Spirit will warn us when we are in danger of slipping down from the ways of the Lord. He would like to live with us and overwhelm us with His blessings, His love and peace.

Thank You Father, You are so good to us! Again and again You free the way for us so that we can come to You and can find comfort, encouragement and healing. You’re a really good father who faithfully cares for His children and loves them. Where else can I find so much comfort, hope, peace, love and acceptance?

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