Pure Heart – 2015.05.02

Pure Heart – 2015.05.02

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Matthew 5, 8

Even though my family were no believers, ever night my mum prayed the children’s prayer: „ I am small, my heart is clean, no one but Jesus shall live in it.“ I always imagined my heart to be like a cafe I knew: It was built in a half circle and had windows everywhere. You could see everything inside, everything was bright. My mum told me that every baby has a white clean heart, but every little lie leaves a little black spot on our white hearts. I understood this, but wanted to keep a clean white heart.
As I grew older my heart got these ugly stains. Anger, fights and lies…everything left traces in my heart until it was totally dark. Jesus heard my childhood prayers and brought cleansing. He came into my life and gave me forgiveness and cleansing. I was so happy. So happy I almost did not need to sleep for a few days! But the struggle continued: there was bitterness, pride and stubbornness, – and that brought again black stains. It was a continuous struggle between forgiveness and cleansing and new stains. I am so glad that Jesus never said: There is no point continuing with him. No again and again he offered forgiveness, even though I almost did not dare to come back to him. Lord, again…! Is what I said often discouraged and disappointed by myself. But He never gave up his hope for me. And he had a plan: He send me His spirit who helped me. Now I live in constant forgiveness and cleansing. And my heart is constantly white and bright. Great!
I still don’t have the feeling. That I am a good person. There are still things that cause black spots: pride, arrogance, greed, unforgiveness and bitterness … but his spirit is at work.
How good, that Jesus thought of everything in our salvation. He does not leave anything out so that our salvation is all comprising.
If I don’t want to forgive what was done unto me, my heart gets dark. After a while this turns into bitterness. Bitterness and joy is like good wine with a dash of diesel – inedible. You can’t have both: the joy of God and bitterness. Therefore ask Jesus: Forgive everyone, who has hurt you, so that your heart may be clean so that Jesus can live in it.
The clean heart is a valuable good. We should do everything so our heart does not get dirty. The peace of God is too valuable.
Thank you Jesus for your all comprising salvation! You have a plan, how my heart can stay clean and white. Constant forgiveness and in addition a good spirit, that helps me to believe. Your joy fills my heart and the darkness disappears. Keep my heart close to you, so it is faithful just to you.

Todays bible verse: Psalms 51,1 – 14

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