Rahab  –  2020.02.29

Rahab  –  2020.02.29

„And the city shall be accursed, even it, and all that are therein, to the LORD: only Rahab the harlot shall live, she and all that are with her in the house, because she hid the messengers that we sent.“
Josua 6, 17

The battle for Jericho was hot. But Joshua thought of Rahab and gave orders to save her. She had hidden the scouts of Israel and helped them escape. Such a thing is active faith in the God of Israel; an active faith in which trust in God is shown. God does not look to her call and profession, but to her heart and her trust. HE honoured Rahab so much that she belongs to the family tree of Jesus ( see Matthew 1 ). I imagine the Rahab to be very practical and enterprising people. She knew that the God of Israel is the stronger, so she took His side. And HE rescued her from the inferno. I think this convinced her and she served the LORD with all her heart from then on. I think of the other “light girls” who became new through the encounter with Jesus. He never pushed them out, but treated them like human beings. I am always amazed at how little God pays attention to sin, even though it brings us death and is really disgusting. And how great His trust and patience in these people is. HE is really wonderful. Just like Rahab, we are saved when we put our trust in Jesus. An active trust, not an opinion about God, world and weather. Only the deed shows whether we are really believers or just talk piously about God. HE saved Rahab, and only HE can save you. Give Him your heart and your whole life. HE makes something of it! Rahab became the great-great-great-great-great-grandmother of Jesus. What can He make of us! HE has so much patience with us, so much trust, that something good will come out of us. Come, accept His grace, trust Him and tear yourself away from the world! He is waiting for you.

Yes Jesus, I’m coming! Loaded with sins, but I’m coming! Thank ​Y​ou, ​Y​ou make me feel new. You’re wonderful!

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