Renouncement  –  2020.03.25

Renouncement  –  2020.03.25

Jesus said: “No one who have left home or wife or brothers
or sisters, or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God
will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come
eternal life”.
Luke 18:29f

Above words are not for people who only care about their family and not at all for businessmen who only see their advantage, calculate their interest profits. They are for people who do not want to calculate, give selflessly instead. I have done so much for others, drove countless kilometers for the Lord, spent many hours in the church. But what do I get for it?
No, this verse is for selfless people, who do everything for Jesus, sacrifice everything for Him as the woman who poured precious anointing oil over Him, or as Zacchaeus who voluntarily repay everything he stole and more beyond. Above verse is for those who give in selfless love nothing expecting in return.
How often I renounced my revenge or my right. How often we forgive and let the guilty go, do not demand back what is actually ours and are even considered as stupid for that. How often we have to pay fraudulently more for contracts.
We, ourselves, sit at home in dedication and pray for other people, and make big detours to take someone to church. Little love services that the Lord sees!
God sees everything. He sees when we give the thirsty a glass of water and never He will forget that. He sees our visits to the sick, to prison inmates, our care for orphans and widows, our help for disabled persons. He sees that all. He rejoices about our merciful heart, does not write down all our mistakes which we partly do not notice ourselves. He will remember all our sacrifices. Great are His blessings. He is not avarious. And He will entrust His children with more the more they are ready to forget themselves and to live for others. We have a wonderful God!

Thank You, Jesus, You are so generous to me. I want to be like You, open-minded, big-hearted- I no longer want to seek my advantage but live according to Your heart. As You love me so I will do it with others. And You will help me thereby!

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