Salt and Light  –  2021.04.30

Salt and Light  –  2021.04.30

You are the salt of the earth. …
You are the light of the world.
Matthew 5, 13.14

In the Gospel of John Jesus says: “I am the light of the world.”  Here He says: “You are it.”
Yes, if Jesus dwells in us and has dominion, then it really is so: we are the light of the world because Jesus dwells in us. Good, isn’t it?
Since we follow Jesus and carry Him in our hearts, we are out of the kingdom of darkness and born into the kingdom of light. That’s why we are foreign bodies here, we don’t really fit into this world. But Jesus wants us here so that we can be a light of hope for the many people without hope! That is our task and calling! HE is our hope and with His help we can provide hope for others, be a signpost to Jesus, a lighthouse in the storm. How many people live without hope, live in darkness, vegetate, unloved, not valued, without satisfaction, driven by addictions and compulsions. Jesus sends us to these people to bring His light to them.
And the salt? It is there for seasoning. Soup without salt tastes very, very bland. We are supposed to shape the world, that is what the Lord means. If we Christians were more, we would have much more influence on laws and society. In ancient England, a Christian fought for years and slavery was abolished. Yes, we Christians are allowed to have political influence! And we are allowed to improve the world!!! Jesus will make that clear to us if we are willing and ask Him. I myself have been praying for months for the many slaves in the world, especially the child slaves. But I don’t know yet if there are any results. At the latest in Heaven I will find out what effects my prayer have had.

Thank You Jesus for considering us worthy to be Your light for this world. Thank You for calling me out and becoming my light of hope. Yes, Lord, I love You!!!

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