The enemies of Christ  –  2020.02.06

The enemies of Christ  –  2020.02.06

Jerusalem, you kill the prophets and stone the messengers who are sent to you. How often I wanted to gather your children around me, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings; but you did not want to.
Matthew 23:37

Jesus weeps over Jerusalem, the city of God. For there the pious, the scribes, priests and Pharisees reign. In the whole 23 chapters He reproaches the pious for their transgressions. They themselves do not enter heaven, but they do not let anyone else in. They are like soup bowls, clean on the outside, but inside they are full of mold and dirt. They look good and want to be seen, but before God they have no respect ….
It is bad with the pious! They think they are doing God a favor by persecuting and chasing away the believers. They think they have studied the Scriptures and know everything. They are above any criticism, they can answer all objections against their teaching, they have learned it well. But the life of Jesus is not in them.
These pious people even wanted to destroy Jesus and to silence him and they put him on the cross. They will not deal with us better.
These religious people will never die out. They claim the leadership positions in the churches and congregations, but then death comes. The Church died when the devout became members.
Jesus needs people filled with the Spirit for leadership. Even the deacons who were to serve at table had to meet this requirement. And today it is enough if someone can speak Greek and Hebrew…
Religion is the enemy of the church of Jesus. It is the deadly threat, more deadly than Islam. The pious have a finely elaborated, logical teaching that has an answer for everything. They have faith in their head, not so much in their heart. They have commandments and prohibitions that must be obeyed. They value their reputation. They like to refer to their performance.
But a living Christian does not feel comfortable with them, no matter if it is a pastor, priest or even bishop. There is no spiritual community, there is always a separation. Please, be careful and don’t let religion infect you, don’t let Jesus suffocate you in religion!

Jesus, You alone I will follow. The dead religion is an obstacle for us on the way to heaven. How good that You live in my heart! Take good care of me.

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