The Heavenly Father  –  2021.01.22

The Heavenly Father  –  2021.01.22

Yet to all who did receive Him, to those He gave the right to become children of God.​​
John 1:12

How wonderful! Not only can we know God and come before Him, we can even be children of God!
Our own children behave very differently towards their parents than children of strangers. Our own children call me Dad, while other children call me Mr. Lauermann. My own children know when I’m in a good mood and when I’m not.  Other children are more cautious. My own children believe that I bring them good things from the shops, others are more  reserved. With my own children I can be much more familiar, I can make jokes, I can challenge and encourage them. My children can sometimes  tease me, even trick me – they know it’s not that serious. Yes, our interactions are more intimate, full of trust, without mistrust. Everyone knows that the other person means well.
But what about our dealings with the heavenly Father? Do I say, in a rather detached manner: Lord! Majesty! King of kings! – or do I say Father? Can I pour out my heart to Him or do I use pious polite phrases? Listen to yourself for once.  Ho do you address God? Is it familiar, like a child to his father, or is it stiff and polite, like a priest to his God?
Then you know where you stand. You are a child of God or a stranger.
Jesus wants to make us God’s children if we believe and trust Him. On the cross He took away everything that separates us from God: the guilt, the failure, the sin. It is simply no longer there. Now there is no more separation and distance between the heavenly Father and me. He is my Father! The Father who loves His children.

Father in heaven, I want to be Your child! I long for You, my Father! Yes, I believe in Jesus, Your Son. Jesus died for my sins so that I may be free. Father, thank You for loving me so much and accepting me as Your child. You are wonderful!

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