The Love of God – 2014.09.13

The Love of God – 2014.09.13

You have truthfully said that God is one and there is no other besides him. And to love God with all of the heart, a full understanding, and all of one’s strength, and to love one’s neighbor as oneself is much more important than all kinds of entirely burned offerings and sacrifices.
Mark 12, 32f

If we want to love God with all our heart, we need a new heart! The old one is so caught up in the thoughts of this world, in unforgiveness, straightening, pride, selfishness, vengeance and greed, that it actually can not love God. But when the Spirit of God is in our hearts and reigns, then He creates a new heart! He can praise God in us and love. He can make us new, so that we can eel God with all our heart, with all mind and with all strength – carefree of all the old thinking and feeling. This is soooo liberating! Because our worries, our greed and belligerence and dogmatism are finally over. Yes, the Spirit of God makes free indeed!
God himself fulfills this law, so as He expects us. He loves us with all His heart, all His mind and all His strength. All His thinking is about us. How can He be so good to us? How can He delight us? How can He be close to us? With all His power He creates us a wonderful world, a starry sky, music and colors. The whole host of angels is ready to serve us. He gave Jesus as a sacrifice for us, so that we get no penalty for our sins anymore. He is God, but He loves us infinitely, without ifs and buts! Let His love act, accept His gifts and thank Him without ifs and buts too! Then His love will fill us.
Just as God loves me, He also loves my neighbor. Sometimes it is difficult for me to get along with my fellow man. Some lie, cheat others, there are people who "stink", and ruthless egoists … But when I am in God’s love, let me be loved and cared for, I am safe. These people can’t actually do anything to me! And I am free to see them as God sees them: As poor, beloved creatures, who need redemption and liberation. Then I can love them and have mercy on them, then I may forgive their iniquity, and pray for them.
God’s love makes me free!

Thank you, Jesus, You love me soooo much! I want to receive and live in Your love. I will not reject it. I want to be with You, praise and worship You for Your great love. You give me a new, light-hearted, purified and sanctified heart.

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