The way of life ​ ​- ​ 2019.08.08​

The way of life ​ ​- ​ 2019.08.08​

The righteous thrives like a palm tree,
he grows like the cedars of Lebanon. …
They bear fruit even in old age
and remain full of juice and freshness;
they proclaim: Righteous is the Lord;
He is my rock, and there is no wrong in Him.
Psalm 92, 13ff.

I love this promise because I am a little older. Yes, it is true: The LORD cares for me and I remain full of juice and freshness, even in old age. Of course, health and physical strength suffer and age, but how does Paul say: And when I am weak, then you are strong. His strength is best revealed in weak people who believe in Him completely.
Beautiful, isn’t it? Why wait until one grows old and can no longer be right! Already at a young age you should know: Where I am weak, the Lord can be powerful. Where I can show my strength and talent, He does not need to do anything.
Perhaps this kind of humility is a fruit of age? You can’t go on like before and you have to rely more on the Lord. When I was young and strong, nothing was too difficult for me. But today I ask the Lord….
In former times there were many things I did myself, as I wanted them to be. Today I ask the Lord if and how it should be. Even if I need a parking space for the car, I ask Him and He takes care of it. Such a partnership is wonderful! It’s wonderful to have such a nice father!
When I was young, I determined my goals and also the way there. Now I rather ask the Lord, he has the better overview.
Even if I have to cross the river once, He is there, my Saviour, my best friend. He carries me across. And already before that He makes me happy through His strong presence. – I have seen it in others. Every day they radiated more the joy of God. The body decayed, but the soul blossomed.
It is wonderful to go through life together with the Lord. Yes, the word above is true: There is no wrong in Him, He has led me a good way, He has made no mistakes, He has brought me to my goal. Even if it was sometimes difficult, He always stood by my side. Hallelujah!

Thank You Lord for being there!!!!!

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