Word of God  –  2019.09.17

Word of God  –  2019.09.17

When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had (divine) authority, and not as their teachers of the law.
Matthew 7:28f.

I have been to many services where I would have liked to fall asleep. Even some loud sermons made no impression on me except tiredness and boredom. What was it like with Jesus? And with the apostles? Did they speak in such a theoretical or phrase-like way? So loud or full of rhetorical tricks?
The Bible says it was not so with Jesus, nor with the apostles. In church history and in my observations there were many powerful preachers whose sermons tore people and me from their seats; – God Himself spoke through these people, and they gladly let themselves be used. Whether loud or quiet, tall or short, it was the authority of God alone made the Word alive in me and others.
Whether your sermon is brilliant or boring depends on your talent and training. Whether God speaks through you depends on your relationship with Jesus. If you are one heart and soul with Him, He will gladly speak through you and your words will have authority.
God wants to speak. But do we have faith in it? Do we follow Him or only ourselves and our minds?
Even dumb sheep look for the fattiest pasture. If they have the choice, they don’t stay on arid land. Christians are different. They get stuck in their habits and hear a nice but meaningless sermon every Sunday. Were they born to martyrdom?
I need strong, healthy food, also spiritual. Why should I kill my time with boring sermons and meetings?
Jesus spoke the Word of God. That is how He reached into people’s hearts. They felt God’s work and reacted. They wanted more. They wanted to drink the living water, more and more. They wanted Jesus to take shape in their lives.

Thank You Jesus, Your Word is for me to live! Through Your word You solve many of my problems – You sometimes speak a word of power and often comfort, You build my faith, answer my questions and work miracles through Your word. I love You and Your word!!

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